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About us

Yes, we are from the future!

Created in 2015 in a group of technological ruptur, powertalent is a portuguese company specialized in it projects.
Our experience allows us to succeed where others fail.
We offer consulting solutions tailored to your real needs, we perform cibernetic security assessments and diagnosis and design with you the best solution.
Additionally, and taking advantage of the strengths of our country, such as our climate, gastronomy and security, we provide nearshoring services, enhancing your growth.
If you prefer, we also offer the service, project key-in-hand, so you don't have to worry about anything else.
We are a company of people, for people!
We believe in our strength, and we want to have the best people with us.
We support our team and want them to feel motivated, stimulated and challenged to evolve. We have in our dna the will to transform the world, one project at a time.


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